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Q-talks is an app with simple features. It is all about connecting you with like-minded in a 24/7 helpful environment where someone is always listening, accepting and confirming that

“You´re not Alone!”

Group Conversations

You can join conversation groups based on a shared topic. Conversations are anonymous in groups of maximum four people.

Notification service

When activity occurs in one of your preferred conversation topics, you will receive a notification.

Talk with like-minded

Talk with others in your homeland or across borders who, like you, are struggling with similar issues that are hard for others to understand and engage in unless you have experienced it yourself.

features q-talks

Q-talks is available 24/7 Worldwide. The usage of Q-talks requires a stable internet access via a Mobile network operator or Wi-Fi.

Conversation topics

Topics are user driven, why you can request new topics. Select your conversation topics in “Categories” and these will be available on your “Talks” list.

Language versions

Currently Q-talks is available in English, Danish, Swedish and Chinese. We are working on providing more languages.

Q-talks Now!

Q-talks is available on Android and iOS


A world full of human and live conversations. An app for everyone and everything.

Together, Sharing and Caring.

Q-talks Partners

We believe in partnerships around the world, you are welcome to check them out.

Q-talks Guidance

This video is a quick guide to the Q-talks app. You´ll learn how to navigate and connect in conversations with like-minded. Click the play button.

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Q-talks Community


Q-talks is a subscription-based conversation app. Not forgetting that we all have a voice that should be used more. It is important that Q-talks is affordable and available for as many people as possible around the world.

We believe in "Paying It Forward", helping people facing different challenges when possible. Based on the subscription fees the app will generate, we will support different nonprofit organizations with specific projects.

Subscription can only take place through App Store or Google Play.

Create a "Free" account today and talk "Free" for a limited period.

The Q-talks Roadmap

Version 1.0

Aug 2016 - Q-talks release

Version 1.1

Oct 2016 - Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.6

Sep 2017 - Support for TCP streaming added

Version 1.4

May 2017 - Bluetooth support, Improved audio quality

Version 1.7

Sep 2017 - Refresh speed of active users

Version 1.8

Oct 2017 - Chinese language added

Version 2.2

April 2019 – Swedish language and subscription added

Version 2.0

June 2018 - Notification available

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